Thursday, February 22, 2007

San Fransisco

Since we are on this side of the Country I really wanted to take a trip up to San Fransisco and see the city. Ski was less then thrilled to go but I got my way and off we went! Like always, we left later then we wanted and ended up in traffic for 8 hours! Ski was even more thrilled about the trip at this point. We stayed at Tom's apartment in Lemoore and drove up to San Fransisco on Saturday. All Ski wanted to do was see Alcatraz. That was the only thing he wanted to do... well after doing a walking tour of the city, we showed up to the pier 15 minutes after the LAST boat sailed to the island and we missed it. I'm still listening to him complain about the fact that he didn't get to see it! I'm still rolling my eyes. (I'm sorry baby but suck it up and quit crying, we'll go again before we leave!)

This was China town

My little Chinaman

My other little Chinaman

A cable car - we rode on one at the end of the night. Ski was standing on the outside of the thing and was almost hit by someone not paying attention driving her car.

Ski and Tommy

City of San Fransisco

My Sassy Girl J

I had to get cadence this "leash" because she is so wild! At baseball games she'll run right out on the field and I couldn't even watch the games. But as you can see she is miss independence doing everything on her own, so it allows me to give her a little space yet I am still within arms distance! It's been a lifesaver!!!

This is about as close to Alcatraz as we got. (Dry your tears Ski...)

How cute are we???

I LOVE this family pic - although I wish we didn't have someone who wanted to escape!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Moms Face

So here is the picture that Judy took of my moms face when I surprised her at the airport. My sister was on the phone with me when she walked up to the car. She said to my mom "Do you want to talk to Becky?" So my mom said "Yeah!" I got on the phone with her and started walking to the car from behind. I said "Hi mom! Cadence is right here, do you want to say Hello?" She said "Okay!" and I popped my head in the window...

this was her reaction!!!! Priceless!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Girls Night Out!!!

The night before I had to go home, we took my sister out for her birthday! We took her to Fuddruckers first and then to Woody's in Royal Oak. Apparently it was dork night and there were a bunch of FREAKS everywhere we looked!!!

Getting 6 of us ready and out the door wasn't the easiest thing to do. We were over an hour off schedule - the usual for my family! (My hair was washed and ready to go Tam, so not a word!!!!)

Nice pic of me and my parents

Okay were finally ready to go.

The birthday girl!!!

How often does Captain Morgan show up to the bar??? Apparently we were deep into conversation!!

Megan's first shot!!

Doesn't look like she's going to hold it down!

Since there were so many freaks at the bar, Genie started playing a hilarious game called "I'm with THIS guy!" She had so many to choose from!

It didn't take Megs long before she started dancing like a stripper!

Me, my sister and my cousins!

The Maders

Not only am I close to my mom's sisters and brother, I'm also close to my dads brothers and sister! I try to plan a get together at someone's house (usually Aunt Tacy's) every time I come home for a visit. It's just easier that way instead of making 8 trips to see everyone! After I got home from Aunt Tacy's that night was when I got really sick. It was fun to see everyone though!

My dad and his brothers, Jim and Jay

Uncle Jim and Aunt Joyce

Aunt Jackie and Caders

My mom and Aunt Tacy (my dads sister)

My grandma - before going to my aunts, we went to the mall. Apparently this was the first time my grandma had ever saw a thong and she was quite surprised!!! How often do you check out the underwear section with your 87 year old grandma!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Girls night!

After my Grandma died, my Aunts and my mom started getting together every Wednesday for "girls night." We are all really close and we sit and talk, play games, make fun of each other, eat dessert - which they take turns bringing each week. During the holidays we have girls night Christmas in which we get each other gifts and have dinner together. On birthdays we do the same thing. This week it was my sisters 21st birthday. Before everyone got there for girls night we took her to "Logans" for dinner. We all got a drink - a Jammin' Strawberry. My sister took maybe three sips. My mom downed hers but that is because she is a closet alcoholic - you know I had to throw that in there ma! :-) This week my Uncles also came to girls night because I was there.

Happy Birthday Mega Megs!

My mom scraping the candle wax off the cake because the candles weren't of the highest quality!

Megan at Logan's with her first "legal" drink!

The restaurant saying Happy Birthday to her!

It's Megan's birthday - so Genie has to get her big old head in there too!

My dad and Cadence! He comes to all the Craig family functions and my mom always goes to the Mader family functions. We aren't like most families of divorce.

Aunt April and my mom - leaving Aunt DeeDee off the bench again!

Uncle Bill and Uncle Shawn

Alex, Tam and Kyla

Megan with the Shaw my mom made her. She made one for me for my wedding and she wanted to make one for Megan too before her hands got too bad with arthritis.

Home Sweet Home

So I got this brilliant idea - I wanted to go home to Michigan and surprise my mom! (Well it was also my sisters 21st birthday so I wanted to be there to take her out with my cousins too!) The day my sister flew home, the baby and I hopped on the same flight and went with her. My mom had no idea. You have no idea how hard it was to keep this secret! I almost slipped so many times. Ski's mom Judy has the picture of the priceless look on my mom's face - as soon as she sends it to me I will post it.

It was a great trip though. Of course it wouldn't be a trip to Michigan without someone puking. Me, Megan and Cadence all got sick. I'm pretty sure it was probably someone on the plane that was sick and we breathed their recycled air. I couldn't have asked for a more inconvenient time to puke.

It was Caders first time seeing the snow. Judy bought her some new boots and she wasn't too sturdy in them. She ended up falling head first in the snow.

My mom and I - aren't we hot!!!

My best friend Theresa (or as I call her TRSA) It was great to spend time shopping with her and talking about anything and everything.

Caders and her grandma's

Every visit I have to have lunch with my friends Frank and Diane. They are like second parents to me! I used to work for Frank at MNP Steel Corp before I moved to California. It was such a great job and I miss it so much.

Me and my baby enjoying our vacation!