Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our First North Carolina Snow day!!!!

Last night we knew that there was going to be at least a two hour delay at the schools because of the weather and a possible school closing. Jacqui and Matt were mad that they still had to go to bed at a reasonable time. I at least let them watch TV in bed and I can tell you they were both asleep within a half hour so I wasn't the MEANEST mom in the world - they were tired!!! Cader and Ski decided they wanted to camp out in the living room because Ski had the day off today!

Below is their camp out. They lit my candle on the table for a campfire and told scary "monster" stories (my favorite book!) and even had out a flashlight because you can't go camping without a flashlight.

About 6:30am we got a call that the schools were officially closed today so I turned off my alarm clock and went right back to sleep! It isn't everyday that I get to sleep in! Unfortunately, my husband had better plans and was up at 8:30am ready to go. I wish I had HALF his energy in the morning!!!

Around noon this is what it looked like around here and everyone started to get excited!

Jacqui couldn't decide if she wanted to go outside but once she saw the entire Cul-De-Sac out there playing she had to get involved.

We even let Cadence skip her MUCH NEEDED nap to go play in the snow. Oh she was so excited!

However, she wasn't too crazy about her hands getting cold and cried to her Daddy who is her hero and he made it all better!

Jacqui and Chelsea pretending to throw a snowball at me!

She knew better then to throw it at me and redirected it at the last minute!

Here is everyone playing and wrestling and having a great time in the snow. It's been so long since we've seen snow and we had to dig DEEP for warm coats and clothes!!!

Matt tried to get Chelsea with a snowball but my poor son always ends up getting over powered!

Now we are all inside in warm clothes, drinking hot chocolate, and making Magic Cookie Bars.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My 28 week and 5 day celebration!

Well I've made it to my own little milestone! I'm 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That is the day in my pregnancy when I had Matt and he turned out just fine. So far, there have been no problems with this pregnancy but in the back of my head, both this time and with Cadence, I felt that sigh of relief when we hit that mark! I can't wait to see what a little boy of mine will look like at full term! Matthew, my preemie, looked like a cute little old man who I instantly fell in love with. In the mean time, here is a recent picture of my ever expanding belly. I carry my babies very low and it's so uncomfortable to walk, sleep, sit, ...MOVE. But it's all worth it! It'll especially be worth it when Ski and I go to a Daddy's baby bootcamp class next month and he gets to wear a weighted pregnant belly in order to see what it's like for me to carry around all this extra baggage. Don't you worry - you'll all get to see it also because you know I won't forget my camera that day!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! 2009

Happy New Year!!! It's already 2009!

For New Years Eve we went to our friends Shannon and Anthony's house (this is them below - Anthony looks like he is the drunk one but you'd be surprised how tipsy Shannon is here!!!)

The Beaty's also made it out for the night too - they even called to ASK if they could take Matt to their house where they had a babysitter and he could hang out with their son!!! Who am I to argue with someone who wants to give us a kid free evening and a free babysitter!! Jacqui also went to a friends house so it was just me Ski and Cadence!!!

Jeff and Rachel Beaty - we were so surprised that he wasn't' wearing camouflage overalls and Rachel had gotten him dressed up into a vest!

Becky, Alaina, and Tim - they are PCSing this weekend so it was kind of also a good-bye party in a way too. Tim will be a recruiter for the next three years.

And finally the Ski's (minus a couple kids) He thinks it's hilarious to rest his beer on my huge belly. Notice I was all about matching my clothes last night. That orange goes lovely with that blue doesn't it!!!! I don't care, I was warm and comfortable. That is all that matters when you are almost into your third trimester (which I start Saturday!!!!! I'm going into the final stretch!!)
Abby and Cadence had a great time rocking out and playing dress up!

Cadence wants to be just like her dad with the guitar.

Jeff and Ski eating! It's not a New Years party without tons of food!

Because the Beaty's live like 6 hours (okay 40 minutes) away, they rented a limo so that they wouldn't have to drive. Before they left the guys took a spin in it and then the girls did...

Cadence and Abby went with us and all Cadence kept saying was "This is SOOOO AWESOME!" She thought it was the best ride in the world!!!

Leave it to my husband to not only try to steal the cup from the limo but also to put it in his Kuzi to keep it chilled...

This is completely unrelated to New Years but I thought it was too cute not to share...

Just a little while ago this is how we found the dog. Cadence was trying to change Natties diaper (like a big sister!!!!) and put powder on her...

She thought she was in so much trouble and started crying. Daddy ran to the rescue. You know there would be no yelling if Daddy has anything to do with it.

Seriously though how could you yell at such a sweet heart broken little face like this???