Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter in Michigan

This Easter we had "planned" to be spending it in Iwakuni, Japan but Ski's deployment fell through so the kids and I went to Michigan instead. Me, three kids, and 12 straight hours of driving. Sounds like a great time doesn't it? Actually they were really good on the 12 hour drive. To break the trip up a little, we stopped over night in Ohio. It was on the 3 hour drive from Ohio to Michigan that I wanted to drop them all off at the next rest area.

GG had a little Easter celebration of her own planned in Ohio and they all colored eggs and then did an egg hunt!

Cadence finally got to meet her new cousin Celest. She calls her "E-Lest". She wasn't so sure about her at first because she was so little - not to mention her mommy was giving this new baby all kinds of attention and she didn't like it very much!
The baby was like 3 feet from my kids - they always find the most appropriate times to start wrestling around.
Jacqui and Uncle Bryan always find time to mess with each other too. Do you see the fear in his eyes?
Aunt Noel (or O-el as Cadence calls her), just shakes her head at all of them cause she knows it doesn't do any good to yell at them!

We took Cadence to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. She was doing really good and was really excited to see him until she saw the little boy in front of her have a melt down on his lap. She got scared and didn't want anything to do with him after that. Easter morning at my moms house. The Bunny ALWAYS goes a little overboard at her house.

Yes even Megan and I still get baskets!

We got to spend some time with Theresa and her kids, Jake and Trista, on Easter Sunday at Church and at her grandma's where we had another egg hunt.

Aunt April and Uncle Bill were going on a cruise the day after I got there so I got to see her for all of about 11 minutes. There was still plenty of time to make fun of her and my mom though.

Me and the kids eating Easter dinner. If you haven't noticed, I have this very stupid hair cut that makes me want to cringe each time I look in the mirror. I'm ready to shave it all off and start over!

My mom deep in thought about when the next time she can go have a cigarette is.

Jamie, me and Theresa on Easter. I haven't seen Jamie since high school. She didn't have plans for the holiday so we had her over to our house!

My dad and all four of his desserts. This is his idea of "improving" his diet.

We had dinner at Cadence's favorite restaurant "Applebee's" with all the Puzella's. Unfortunately no one would let me take their picture so all I have are Ryann and Anthony - my brother Bill's kids. That is okay though - look how cute they are!

Right before this I said "OOHH Ma - you look HOT" and she got all excited and said "Oh REALLY?" Then she realized we were making fun of her curlers!

Always good to see "mean" Uncle Shawn!! This is the same man that used to freeze the heads of Tammie's Barbie's, tie us grandkids together or handcuff us to the railing of the staircase. Of course we would run right up to him and swing the rope at him yelling "You can't get us!!!"

Leah, Jacqui, and Kyla. Leah is my first cousin and my daughter is older then she is!!!

Tam and her new baby CJ.

I also only got to see Genie for about 11 seconds too. She is busy working as an RN these days. Oh the stories she has to tell about Detroit Receiving! You know Aunt DeeDee still worries about her "Tine's" and that night she brought three grocery bags worth of "dinner" for her.

Alex, Kyla and CJ

Matt and Caders - these two have a little something in common it seems. When Matt was little he flushed a golf ball down the toilet when I lived in this house. On our trip 6 years later, Cadence flushed an entire plastic bag full of M&M's down this same toilet and Uncle Shawn had to come out and fix it again. Atleast this time he didn't have to take the entire toilet off!

Theresa, Bobbie and Me - this was the night before I left. Everything was packed except my pajama's - which explains why I look like a clown.

Megan and Sassy! You know Jacqui was making fun of her in this picture. You can just see it!

Theresa and Jon

Cadence's hair is WILD these days!!!!

We actually got to see SNOW! The kids hadn't seen snow in two years. Matt was a gentlemen and cleared our cars off for us.

Megan was in a wedding the day we left. Doesn't see look pretty. Well, she changed into a dress but her hair looks good!
Welcome to North Carolina - your vacation is over!

Monday, March 10, 2008

You may need to sit down for this one!!!

If any of you know my husband and his computer skills, you know that - well...he tries. He can check email, he even uses google reader, and he is also getting a little better at excel. However, he also gets frustrated and this is usually how he ends up by the end of the night!

But WAIT!!!! Something inside him snapped and the next thing you know, he was creating a profile for Blogger. Yes my dear internet friends - my husband has started a blog. Oh and he is so excited!

He's made it very clear that this is HIS blog and he can do what HE wants. Knock yourself out baby - I have my own blog that I ignore all too often lately that I can do what I WANT with.

So please go check it out - and leave lots and lots of comments cause it makes him so happy to see what people have to say.

Oh and for the love of God please please please vote in his survey about college sport rivalries!

Anyway here is the link to his blog:

Anything Goes

This is big step for the man who is reluctant to accept most advances in technology and I'm so proud of him - even when he throws on my pajama's to make us all laugh.

(He's going to kill me when he sees this picture!)

Go on - what are you still doing here?? Click the link above!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our baby is growing up!

My friends, we have come to the end of an era! No more cribs for us!

Cadence is now big enough to sleep in her own big girl bed!!!!

Our neighbors actually took the lead on this one and put their daughter in a big girl bed first. Cadence really seemed to like it because she could get in and out of it by herself. So on Sunday when it was time for her nap Ski asked her if she wanted her own big girl bed and she said Yes.

Well off went the side of her crib.

Oh she was so proud! She was so tired that afternoon that she went in there all by herself, shut her door and fell asleep in her crib without even having to tell her it was naptime. Of course it was also 5:00pm - a little bit TOO late to be taking a nap but I didn't have the heart to wake her up since I was so proud that she went in there all by herself.

Bedtime was just as easy. We actually thought we would have a hard time because she took such a late nap so we said she could sleep with us if she wanted. Instead she told me she wanted to sleep in her big girl crib and led the way to her room!

There have never been two parents more proud then Ski and I!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Water logged!

It has been raining a lot here in North Carolina.

A whole lot.

This of course means that our backyard becomes filled with lots of mud that my dogs love to play in. They'll run to the door with mud up to their belly's and whine to come in. As they charge into the house, they shake themselves off until all of this mud is glued to every wall and floor. Unfortunately for them, this means they need to be bathed quite often.

However, it isn't as bad as K-Bar makes it look here as he's getting a bath! He looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world at this moment!

And I just stand there taking pictures and smiling because of his misery.

That little face is just pleading to get out!

He has come to terms with his current situation and has stopped fighting it.

Could you possibly feel any more sorry for him! Those little eyes say it all.

You can tell he's got it real hard around here!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

More Babies!!!!

Ski and I have a Niece!!!

Celest Lynne was born on March 1st @ 2:59pm (SOOOO close to being a leap year baby!)
She weighed 7.12lbs!!!

We want to congratulate Noel and Bryan! Welcome to the sleepless nights club!!!

She is so beautiful isn't she????