Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well it's that time of year again! The Marine Corps Ball! This year we are celebrating the Marine Corps 234th birthday! Our ball was in Greenville NC...about an hour from our house. For the record, this is too far away to go back to get something you may have forgotten...

This is a picture of the cake cutting ceremony. A cake cutting ceremony that Ski and I almost did not get to see. Why you may ask???

By looking at this picture, we both look so put together don't we? Nothing looks out of place!

Turns out, when you get a new Blues blouse you need to take your collar emblems off the old one and put them on your new one. That way when you get to the hotel in Greenville and you realize that you brought THREE plastic tubs full of extra uniform stuff EXCEPT collar emblems, you won't have to go around asking an entire MALS if anyone has any extra!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...My husband!!!

But it all turned out okay and we found an extra pair! We didn't sit in the hotel all dressed up for nothing!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Guess who mastered the Art of riding their bike???

As soon as Cadence turned 4 we decided that it was time to take off the training wheels and teach her how to ride her bike like a big girl! Oh she thought this was the best idea in the world!!! She had to sit right next to Ski and help him take them off! 4 year olds are always so helpful and you get the job done much quicker!

She started out on the grass at first to get the hang of it.

Of course there were a few falls along the way - and the occasional crash into the neighbors mailbox...I'm sure those flip flops she had on made her riding experience that much easier!

Pretty soon she had mastered it and Ski couldn't keep up with her! If you look closely here - they are both sticking their tongues out concentrating really hard. That is a Ski trait!!!

Oh yes she is proud of herself!!!

That's a Ski trait too...