Friday, September 12, 2008

A glance into our summer!

Well, summers over and I'm back to blogging. I didn't intentionally take a four month break from these little updates but it just happened. Hopefully I'll be a little more on top of things around here. But here you go, a look into what we have been up to!


It gets hot here in North Carolina and our neighbors bought this awesome slide for the kids to play on. As you can see there were a few backups and mishaps which resulted in a huge hole two weeks after they bought it. So the water slide was history early into the summer.
I'm not sure if many of you know, but my dear husband HATES snakes!!! (I won't go on to say how afraid of them he is because that might embarrass him...) Well one night at our neighbors house, we found a snake in their garage. Preston held the head of it while all the kids took turns touching it and looking at it. Then he got this cool idea "Hey Ski, lets pretend I'm putting it down your shirt and let Becky take a picture!!!" You see here, Ski is hesitant but agrees to go along with it!!!

Just as I snapped the picture Preston dropped the snake down his shirt and Ski...well, just see for yourself!!!!

He screamed like a little girl!!!!

For Christmas, I bought Ski a pull up bar that goes between the frame of the door in the house. But because my husband goes above and beyond with everything he does, he made a weekend project out of it and built a pull up bar on the side of our house. I was very proud of him cause he worked so hard on it and it turned out AWESOME!!!!

Matt complaining because he has to stand out there and help.

More of Matt "helping"

Here are the two proud workers after their project was finished.

He'll be doing 20 pull ups at a time by the end of the year!!!

Of course my skinny little son has no problems pulling himself up there!

Cadence calls it the "Monkey Bars!"

Even I got up there for old time sake and tried to do the "flexed arm hang" like I did when I was in the Marine Corps. I used to be able to hang for 70 seconds. We won't go into how many seconds I can hang now. Staff Academy Graduation
From April until June Ski had to go to the Staff Academy and stayed in Camp Lejeune. He was able to come home on the weekends but it was still hard on Cadence because it was her first time away from her dad for a long period of time. In June he graduated...

Our puppy K-Bar is getting so big. He's a little confused about where he should and shouldn't lay. It took him a good 10 minutes before he decided he just didn't fit in this chair anymore.

July 08

For the fourth of July we went down to South Carolina to visit Darlene. Our friend Jen and her daughter Hannah came down for a visit also. Ski being the great guy that he is cut her lawn for her since he husband was in Iraq and did a bunch of yard work. This is how he got so filthy!

Jen, Darlene and Hannah

All I've heard about since he left Beaufort is that he misses his favorite sandwich place "Alvin Ord's" He finally got his chance to eat there and as you can see, he went all out with the LARGEST sandwich I've ever seen!

Ski babysat the kids and let us have a "girls night out!" We had so much fun and met a bunch of very interesting people!

It's isn't summer unless you are able to sit back, relax and eat popsicles!!!!

Jacqui and Matt went to their dads for the summer so Cadence had no one to keep her out of trouble. One night she came in and climbed up on Ski looking like this...

After investigating, this is what we found!!!!

For the last couple Augusts we've made a trip to Michigan. We share a cabin in Rogers City with Ski's dad and stepmom Kathy. This summer, Ski finally got to meet his new niece Celest Lynne. Cadence loved helping with the baby and playing with her.

Cadence at the Nautical Festival Parade. This year she was so excited when she realized that people on the floats were throwing Candy to her. It was like a dream come true. As this float passed us she kept telling me "My sister can do that!" That was all I heard all summer also - how her sister and brother could do everything. She missed them so much!

The annual picture of Caders and her dad at the parade together that he used to sit at and collect candy.

Oh the carnival. This girl had so much fun riding all the rides. Her dad didn't have a bad time either!!!

Noel was there to keep me sane...

Nothing says camping at the lake like sunglasses and a life jacket!!!

Ski, Kathy, Pork, Ann, and Larry walking back from a rousing game of cornhole to eat dinner!

It was Bryans 27th birthday and Noel made sure that he had a nice little party!

Every wifes proudest moment - her husband drinking a beer with his cereal!

World's Cutest niece - Celest Lynne!

How I wish I could say he fell out of the boat right after this but unfortunately that isn't the case. It would have been a much cooler story if he had!

Bryan is the king of fires and made sure we had a great one every night.

It wouldn't be a week at the lake without atleast 5 hours of cornhole played each day!!!

When the kids finally came home Cadence was SOOOOOO excited to see them. She didn't leave their side. Two days after they got home they started school. This is them on their first day. Matt is now in 5th grade!

Jacqui is now in middle school this year! 6th grade!!! It's so hard to believe we have made it to this milestone! Look how grown up she is!!!

My son, the sweetest little boy on the face of the earth, woke me up one Sunday to breakfast in bed. A bowl of cereal with apples surrounding it. He got himself a bowl and ate with me. How did I get so lucky???

Cadence's big news of the summer is her new bike that Dzja Dzja gave her. It is a big girl bike with training wheels!! She gets going so fast on that thing I'm just waiting for her to fall over! Check out the new shoes...straight out of the Wizard of Oz!!!!

Ski and I also have big news from the summer!!!!!!

Currently I am 13 weeks pregnant!! I'm due April 3rd. And I'm already huge. Well, at least that is how I feel anyway! I forgot that pregnancy wasn't all sunshine and rainbows!!! What I am sure of is that this is our LAST ONE!!!!