Thursday, August 23, 2007

For J and Matt Matt

This post is for my babies Jacqui and Matt who are visiting their dad in Texas. I miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you! I just wanted to post some pictures of your sister for you so you can see how much she has been changing over the last few weeks. She talks so much - as you have heard over the phone and misses you guys like crazy. She walks around looking at your pictures and calls both of you "Matt". We all can't wait to see you! Hope you like the pictures!!! I love you!


Well our vacation is slowly winding down. We are leaving shortly for North Carolina but I wanted to post a few pictures from our time here in Ohio. Thank goodness we aren't leaving yet because I've been here for a week now and haven't gotten one picture of Noel yet. What a great sister in law I am!!! She is three months pregnant today!!!!!

Ski, Caders, and Grandma Jude!

GG and Grandma Jude

Aunt Kate helping Caders water the flowers.

Steve, Bryan and Jeremiah relaxing in the pool in the 95 degree weather.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to Detroit

Our vacation has been great so far. It's been so good to spend so much time with everyone even if that did mean living out of a suitcase for a month straight. Back in Detroit we got to hang out with the fam, ride the Harleys with my dad and my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jay, and just not worry about anything! Here are some pictures of our time with everyone.

Megan and Brea - congrats to Brea who just joined the Air Force and leaves for bootcamp at the end of the year!! Of course, it's already been said that this was "MY" fault. Where did I get all of this power????

Megan's boyfriend Bobby who I like to call "Loser"

Mom and Aunt April at the get together we had with the Puzella's. They are sitting with John's wife Kathy. My mom did a wonderful job organizing everything even if she did drive my sister nuts when she went into "party mode"

Me and all of the Puzella's (except for Mikey - he will always be Mikey to me!!!) From Left to Right: Bill, Timmy (will always be Timmy too!), Veronica, John, Me and Megan.

Bill's wife Jennifer with their adorable son Anthony!!

Bill and Jennifers daughter Ryann with Cadence. Believe it or not Cadence is a month older then Ryann. They played very good together!!!!

I was able to go up to my dads trailer again - I'd say it has been at least 5 years since I've been there. I grew up going to the trailer every some since I was about 6 years old!

My mom and Megan went up with us also and we all hung out eating chips while my dad and Ski did some work. Notice Cadence has her big old head in the chips.

Swimming with Caders - one of her favorite things to do!

Grandma with her Great Grandchild! I told Cadence to pose and this is what she did!

We did actually go to the baseball game but we did go downtown and hang out. We stood on the wall so I could get this pictures of the Tigers. They lost the game!

Me, Dad, Ski and Uncle Jay trying to get a sneak peek. Some homeless guy (or so he seemed) helped dad get up there.

All of us at the bar getting a drink.
Ski had so much fun riding the Harley's with my dad.

It's been fun but unfortunately it's time to move to our next destination - Ohio!!! See you all on the next trip! Besides, we are only a days drive away now - well for most of you anyway!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rogers City Mi

We got to be in Rogers City Mi for many events this year. First off it was the Nautical City Festival. It was also Ski's 10 year class reunion and also the week that Kathy and Pork go camping for a week in the cabins at the lake with Larry and Ann. We decided to also rent a cabin for a week and shared the cost with my friend Theresa and her family. It was so much fun. I loved relaxing all week by the water and just spending time with everyone. Caders and Trista spent most of their time either in the water, in the sandbox, or in the swing.

Ski, with his little girl, watching the parade just like he did when he was a little kid!!!

Ski's Uncle Dan and Aunt Kathy were the Grand Marshal's of the parade and this was them throwing candy to Cadence as they drove by.

Unfortunately when Dan threw her the candy, it hit her in the head and she started crying.

Me and Ski relaxing by the lake.

Kathy and Ann playing Cornhole.

Caders and Trista blowing bubbles

Jon and Jake roasting marshmallows for the smores!


Djza Djza and Busia bought Cadence her first bat and baseball so he and Ski were teaching her how to use it.

Larry, Ann and Kathy in the shade trying to cool off.

Me and the Cade's out by the campfire!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Warren Michigan

We had to split our Michigan trip up a little. When we got here we stayed in Warren for three and 1/2 days and then we went up to Rogers City and after a week up there we came back down to Warren for another 5 days. My dad gave us a little scare thinking he was having a heart attack but thank goodness he's fine. I think all he wanted was for my mom to make him a pork chop dinner at 11:00pm! At girls night Tam made the announcement that she and Scott are going to have another baby!!!!!! I'm so excited! First Noel and Bryan and now Tam and Scott. I keep telling Ski that if he wants to try to have a boy he needs to get to show rolling cause lord knows we aren't getting any younger and now is the perfect time so I can be pregnant with my cousin and my sister in law. I'm not having any luck with this plan. While I was home I also got to see my dads side of the family. It was JT's 19th birthday so we got to celebrate that with him for once. It was so good to see everyone again even if it did seem like we were constantly going from one place to another!

My dad the next day after he went to the hospital. How many ex-wives do you know that make pork chops late at night for their ex-husband???

My Aunt April, Aunt Dee Dee, and my mom.


Tam and her kids - Kyla, and Alex. Look at that pregnant glow. My mom called it a couple months ago but I thought she was just nuts.

Tam's husband Scott and the Caders. Congrats Scott on the new baby coming soon!

Grandma Mader with Uncle Jay, Uncle Jim, Dad and Aunt Tacy

Uncle Jim and Sara

JT on his 19th birthday with the jolly Rancher that his sister Sara carefully wrapped for him in about 5 bags.

Mom and Ski hanging out at the Mader get together.