Monday, April 30, 2007

Misc pictures of our guests

What a great week we had with everyone! (And WE didn't even have to leave our own living room to see everyone - or pay for plane tickets! What a deal!) Ski and his dad did A LOT of golfing. Ski still hasn't beaten him though...
We also made a trip to LA and of course, there was baseball. Not a day goes by that we don't have some kind of little league practice or game it seems.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lets Party!

After the wedding they had their (1st) reception at our FAVORITE restaurant: Casa Guadalajara in Old Town. It was a good time and the food was excellent as always! Again, the only way to explain it is to show you!!!!

If I know my favorite brother in law like I think I do, Noel will be doing a lot of this in her future!!!!!

It takes a tough woman to put up with those Wisniewski boys - this is how we get through it!!!

I'm glad I didn't grow up with these two...

What's a wedding without a Mariachi band?

He definitely deserved that one!!!!

Sometimes they are nice to each other!!!

Wedding on the beach

Wow - what a beautiful day to have a beautiful wedding!

The best way to describe it is to show you:

I gave Pork my video camera to record the wedding - I didn't tell him to take the lens cap off and half the wedding was filmed with it on!

Cadence was SOOOO tired that day. She wanted nothing to do with being on the beach or staying quiet. All she wanted was Daddy. Ski has a dip of Copenhagen in his lip - it looks like Cadence does too!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hotel Del Coronado

Because the bride can't see the groom the day of the wedding, Noel invited Jacqui and I to stay with her at the Del Coronado Hotel. (It's a very old, historic, EXPENSIVE hotel on the sands of the Pacific ocean. It's also known to be haunted.) We checked in at like midnight so I pretty much got to "Sleep" there for a couple hours - but it was still worth it. Especially the buffet breakfast we had!!! It was incredible.

The Hotel Del

This is inside the hallways of the hotel. Everything is Victorian.

The entrance...

We all slept in this bed - it was a little crowded.

The sheets in this place are like 1,000,000, thread count and my daughter HAS to bring her own pillow and sleeping bag!

My luggage for our stay at this luxurious hotel!

This was THE BEST buffet I've ever eaten!

We walked out by the ocean after breakfast. It was rather cold, so I stuck my toe in. They were a little more adventurous than I was.

I'm finally updating!!!

The last month has been a whirlwind of weddings, visitors and baseball!!! (What it HASN'T been is a whirlwind of updating this blog...or emailing people back!!! I'm sorry to everyone that I have not gotten back to lately!!)

The family got here on April 25th for Noel and Bryan's wedding. At Noels request, all the girls went to get tattoo's a day before the wedding at Avalon Tattoo. We all had a blast - however I think this was the most painful tattoo that I have ever gotten! Even worse then the top of my foot. That being said, I have my next three tattoo's already planned!!! They are addicting!

Noels mom Patty, Noel, the guy who did our tattoo's (I completely forgot his name but I know he's from Ireland! Very cool guy and he did a great job!) Ski's mom Judy, Jennifer (Noels other mother) and Me!

I'm contemplating which hurt worse, this or 17 hours of labor!

The finished product!

Noel doesn't look like she's in much pain. It's all that wedding excitement in the air.

The brides new tattoo!