Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our NC Snow Day - Winter 2010

This year we had another snow day here in NC! The kids were so excited because #1 No School and #2 they very rarely get to see it! In fact this was Chase's first time!

Our Cul de Sac...

Cadence, Chase and Jacqui

Cadence and her Daddy built a snowman!

Chase wasn't exactly sure what to think of all this snow, but he just went with it! I can't wait to see him next year!!!!

Cadence and MacKenzie took a spill...

Of course there was a snowball fight - and my son is pretty serious about it!!!

Jacqui was pretty serious about it herself! Any reason to throw things at her brother is always good in her book!

Ski has to take every opportunity to do something annoying to the kids! Look at Matt's unsuspecting face!!

The above picture explains why the entire neighborhood is getting Ski back.

Mom and Chase just stood by and watched! I think by next year though, he'll be ready for the fight!

It was a fun day and just my kind of snow day and then we are done! I get my fill for the year!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Basketball?? Really??

As soon as volleyball ended Jacqui took up yet another sport. This time:


This was a little out of her comfort zone as she has never played basketball before. In fact her exact words to me were:

"Mom, you know how you find out who makes a team and you think to yourself 'How did THEY make it?' Well that would be me!"

But she hung in there and did a great job! Here she is through out the season!

She's isn't sure about next year. I heard something about Soccer...another sport she's never played!