Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are in Beaufort!!!!!!

Remember last December when I posted about my brother in law Bryan enlisting into the Marine Corps??? Well it's been a long three months - a lot longer for Bryan then for us - but we are finally here in Beaufort South Carolina to see him graduate from boot camp!!!! The other exciting thing - yet stressful at the same time - is that I'm due in a week so we are all on pins and needles hoping that I don't go into labor! (Especially on the way there and the way back) So far so good...

Cadence has been talking about her "tousin E-lest" (cousin Celest) for months and was so excited to see her. She is so good with babies as you can see!

This morning we were all up bright and early so we could get to Parris Island to see the motivation run. And by bright and early I mean 5am. We actually got Cadence into a dress for her Uncle Bryan!!!

I love this picture of her and Dzja Dzja - unfortunately Kathy (Ski's stepmom) is in the hotel room VERY VERY sick with either a flu or a food poisoning! She wasn't able to come out for family day today but is hoping to make it for the graduation tomorrow!

Here comes the motivated 1st Battalion running by!

Bryan is the one right behind the road guard. We were all so shocked at how much weight he lost over the last three months!!! He looks GREAT!!!

Worlds cutest neice waiting to see her daddy!!!

1st Battalion Charlie Company marching through the doors!

Bryans platoon waiting anxiously to be dismissed to liberty for the day!

The look on Bryan's face says it all! I had to run to keep up with Noel in order to get a picture of her and Bryan reuniting.

He was so excited to see his baby girl! I can atest to how hard it is to leave your babies for any period of time! When you get to see them again the feeling is undescribable!!!

Pork was very proud of his son! Bryan worked really hard for this!

This was an awesome moment to when the Wisniewski brothers shook hands - from one Marine to another!!

What a cute family picture! Bryan looks like he's 18 years old again!!!!

She was so excited to help her little cousin and push her in the stroller!

He took us to see his barracks - right outside his door is the pit!

Bryan with two of his Drill Instructors

His rack in the squad bay!

The squad Bay!

I wonder how many times he laid in this very rack wishing he could see his little girl!!!

Jacqui and Matt taking it all in!

Here in my little "Young Marine" carrying Uncle Bryan's Seabag.

It was a great day today and we are all so excited and proud of Bryan. Now we are just relaxing at Darlene's house after our long day. Especially me - I was getting worried that I was going to walk myself into labor. So it's time to kick back and put my feet up for the night with a bunch of water!!! I'll post more tomorrow after he graduates - and keep you up to date on any labor and delivery issues I may find myself in!

Pregnancy Update

Just a little pregnancy update - nothing is happening!

Well, as of last Monday nothing was happening. Which is a good thing - at least until this Saturday after we get back from Parris Island SC and then bring it on!!!!! Here are a few of the latest pictures of the belly. I currently exceed the limit of most of my clothes at this point.

Making Mac N Cheese and Hot Dogs - only the finest foods for my family!!!!!!

In Jacqui news - here is her new haircut! She looks so cute and very grown up!!!! Plus, her bangs are finely growing back!!!!

Here's a father / daughter moment if I ever saw one!!!! These two are like two peas in a pod!!!!

I've been promising Matt that I was going to get outside with him and take some pictures of his skateboarding! This is one of his new passions! He needs a new skateboard though because in order for him to go straight, he has to position it to the left and as he rolls it will straighten itself out. I keep telling him his birthday is coming up... Here is Matt - since it's been a while since I've been able to point my camera at him and take some pictures!!!

Oh and look at's so hard to be 3!