Friday, October 31, 2008


This year, Jacqui and Matt just painted their faces and threw on some costumes from the past - which was fine with me because have you see the cost of costumes these days??? Cadence however went back and forth between being Daphene from Scooby Doo or a Skeleton.

She called herself "Bones"

My three little devils.

We went trick or treating with almost every kid on our cul-de-sac...

Cadence and MacKenzie couldn't keep up with the big kids but they had more fun on their own anyway!

Every house had steps like this and it took the little kids forever to get up and down them to get their candy - they were bound and determined to do it though! After every house Cadence would ask her dad "Are we going to get more candy now?"

She also kept trying to eat every piece she got!

The older kids...

They were always atleast 2-3 houses ahead of us!

Kyle (our neighbor) thought it would be funny to pretend to steal Matt's bag - Ken and Ski thought it would be funny to beat him and his friends up in the middle of the street.

Trick or treating was harder then she thought it was!

A group photo!

Ken and Amber

Here they all are waiting for Ken and Ski to go get the car - it was freezing!!!

Matt asking if he can eat a Baby Ruth because he already checked it for needles and poison!

Cadence and Jacqui trading candy. Why do I have a feeling that Cadence is getting cheated out of something just because he's 3 and Jacqui's 11?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!

It's always an adventure with these kids when it comes to doing things together! This time it was carving pumpkins!!! Caders was so excited!!!!!!

Ski helped everyone cut the tops of them off so they could scoop out all the cuts!! Lets not talk about his skin head haircut. I'm not a big fan but if anyone knows my husband, looking ridiculous is better (to him) then spending $44 a month so get a high and tight each week.

Matt and Jacqui did a really good job cleaning out their pumpkins. There were a few "disgusted" faces here and there though.

As Cadence started to dig in, she really wasn't sure this was the job for her!

But she dug right in and gave it a try!!!

Once her hand got all slimy she was sure this wasn't the job for her!!!!

Next thing you know she had disappeared, leaving a pumpkin full of guts!!!!

She knew her daddy would come to her rescue and help her out!!!

She couldn't wait to wash those little hands!!! I think she washes her hands like 5 times a day!

"Uh Dad, I know I left this entire project up to you, but you better do a good job!!!" She decided she'd supervise him!

The messy kitchen!

The finished products after they carved them. Matt and Jacqui both carved Cadence's pumpkin - plus their own. They did really good.

You knew Scooby Doo would find his way into Halloween somehow! Cadence is obsessed with him!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the newest baby Ski will be...

A BOY!!!!

That's right! We are having a boy. You can't imagine how excited we are!!!! I know we said that we were going to wait to be surprised when we delivered but we couldn't hold out this time. I only have that much self-discipline when it comes to stuff like that and when I heard Ski asking "Should we find out?" well, that is all it took.

Here is a recent pic of the belly - none of my clothes fit!

Here is the picture of the "boy stuff!" The Ultrasound technician told Ski "Here I'll measure it for you since guys are always so obsessed with the 'size'! It's one centimeter!" She was really funny.

I think we are going to keep the name a surprise though. But only because I will most likely be getting my epidural when we finally make the decision. We don't agree on any boys names - and I've already veto'd the entire list of Nascar driver names.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Young Marine!

Matt recently joined the Young Marines program! For the past month he's been in "bootcamp" were they've been PTing, learning drill, learning the uniform regulations and field knowledge - etc. Next month they are taking a trip to Washington DC (FOR FREE!) where they will get to be in a parade, see all the monuments, and visit the Marine Corps Museum. I'm pretty jealous!!! Last night was his graduation from bootcamp. He tried so hard to keep his bearing in the hallway while they were all lined up.

As you can see he needs to work on that bearing a little more!!!

Here he was receiving his graduation plaque and ribbon.

Shaking the hands of his "drill instructors."

I was so proud of my boy!!!!

My Marine and Young Marine!

He's so hard core!!!!!

This was me when I first got out of bootcamp!!!!

Can you see a resemblance???

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ski and Cadence's Birthday Party

October is a huge month in our family for birthdays and Anniversary's! My birthday is the 13th, our anniversary is the 16th, Cadence's birthday is the 19th and Ski's birthday is the 25th. Our birthdays are exactly 6 days apart from each other!

This year is a milestone for Ski. He turns 3o!!!! Caders turned 3!!! I couldn't let his 30th birthday go by without doing something special for him! Because we booked a trip to New York next month, Ski never suspected that I would have a party for him. He thought the party I was planning was for Cadence. Little did he know what I had in mind!!!

To get him out of the house while everyone showed up he was supposed to go golfing with our neighbors that day but there was a golf tournament on base so they couldn't do that. They decided to go fishing but it rained and was like 65 degrees that day so that was canceled also. Then he had to work at 8am so I was starting to get worried about how I was going to get him out of the house since I knew he wouldn't want to come home from work and go out again when he knew there was a party going on that night for Cadence. SO I had our friend Anthony call and ask him to come over and help him out in his garage! I knew if he felt obligated to help someone out then he would go. Here is a video clip below of his reaction when he walked in.

The Party...

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Boy!

Anthony and Shannon - he went to their house to help out in the garage!

Their birthday cake - Cadence LOVES Scooby Doo lately! She really wanted a Scooby Doo cake!

These are the Ice Cream Cone cakes I made for the littler kids!

Blowing out the candles!

She's loves being the center of attention!!! It's a "Ski" trait!

Ice Cream was running all down her sleeve!

I love this man!!

Jacqui was a HUGE help with the party! She did the deviled eggs, the bacon-wrapped jalapeno's, and she also helped do all the decorations!! Matt helped too - the way a 10 year old boy would help. He'd get distracted every 2 minutes with the balloons!

Cadence LOVES getting gifts!!!

The mastermind behind it all!

Preston and Caders - he likes to take her pillow because she carries it with her EVERYWHERE!!! She took it to Wal-Mart the other day and fell asleep in the basket with it! I stayed at the store an extra half hour just because I could shop in peace for once!!!

Dave, Tim and Mike - they talked recruiting all night!!!

Our neighbors Amber and Ken. They were a big help too in making this possible!

All the guys talking in the kitchen!