Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect!

This week me and Cadence have spent SOOOOOO much time practicing how to walk using the little walker thing we got her. I sent a lot of you the video of her taking a couple of steps on her own. Each day she takes more and more - today she walked across the entire living room. It won't be long before she just takes off but it's so exciting to see her get so excited and want to keep doing it over and over.

Her and the dog stand at the window just looking outside at everyone and then she turns around, gets brave and tries to walk to me! Here they are standing at the window together...

He keeps us laughing all the time!!!!!

Only 4 more days till my sister Megan and her boyfriend Bobby come for a visit and only FIVE more days until I see my babies Jacqui and Matt!!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My girls

I cannot believe how much Jacqui and Cadence look alike! I was looking at Cadence in the tub this morning and all I could see was Jacqui so I found a picture of her when she was little to compare!
Miss Cadence

Miss Jacqui

Saturday, August 19, 2006

She's WILD!

I can barely keep up with this girl! She is into EVERYTHING and isn't even walking yet! I love to watch her and how curious she is about everything that she sees! These pictures are a matter of 10 minutes! You can tell everywhere that she has been as you walk through the house!

To Jacqui and Matt

Just wanted to let you guys know that I love you and miss you guys so much while your at your dads house. It's sooooo quiet around here!!! Can't wait to see you in September!!!!

Back to Warren again!

Just before we left we got to say goodbye to everyone in Warren one more time!
Me and my Grandma!

Unlce Jay and Aunt Jackie - My uncle and Ski get together for a beer everytime we are home. When my dad joins them they make fun of him - Ski always looks forward to those times cause he loves to mess with him so much!

Theresa Jake and Trista - I'm so jealous - she just got back from a cruise!

My Dad

My Harley baby Cadence - starting her out early on the bike!!!

Rogers City Mi

I'm still trying to post the pictures from our trip!

After spending time at my moms we went up to Rogers City Mi. Pork and Kathy rented a cabin at Grand Lake with Ann and Larry so we got to relax around the lake and the camp fire. We had a lot of fun with them. Cadence LOVED the water so much.
This was the Cabin at Grand Lake.

Baby Caders and her Daddy playing in the water!

Cadence was a little nervous about the beard at first but it didn't take too long before she warmed up to him!

Pork and Kathy - Matt used to call them "Dork and Castle"

Larry and Ann

Monday, August 14, 2006

Warren MI

It was so great to see my mom, my dad, my sister and the rest of my family! My mom got to spend a lot of time with Cadence.

I'm not sure who is lazier - Just kidding Megan...I know your lazier!

My Aunt April and my mom - not sure what Aunt April was saying here but it's probably safe to say we made fun of her for it!

My Aunt Dee Dee ("Your done with pictures" she tells me!)

Tammie, Genie, Me and Megan - Tammie was complaining because she hates when pictures have a "Theme" - this one being the "cousins"! Don't mind the prison break shirt that I am wearing. Tammie Dyed my hair that night and my mom gave me one of her shirts so I would mess mine up.

This is one of my best friends Lisa. She and I became friends back in second grade. She lived 5 houses away from me and one day she saw me roller skating down the street. We were inseparable after that. I can't tell you how many fights we got in over the stupidest stuff. Our mothers ignored us after about the third time we came home pouting that "Lisa/Becky" isn't our friend anymore and five minutes later we were together again.

My mother rolling her own cigarettes. There's just too much to say about this picture...

My brother Bill and his wife had Ryann two weeks after Cadence was born. This was the first chance we had to finally get the babies together. They were so cute and very possessive of the toys they had in their hands.


On our way to Michigan we spent the night in Ohio with Ski's mom Judy and stepdad Steve. Grandma Judy couldn't get enough of Cadence - I didn't see her the entire time we were with them. As you can tell little Cader's LOVES ice cream!

These two are always doing SOMETHING to mess with each other!

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Noel!

Sitting on the dock at Grandma Judy's!

Tony and Kristens Wedding!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Tony Riley! What a beautiful wedding you guys! We had a great time!

Tony and his bride Kristen!

The Marines Ski worked with in workcenter 690 back in Beaufort South Carolina -
Jerez, Boody, Ski and Riley

and their wives...
Kristen, Becky, Crystal and Amanda

Just like old times...

What makes you think he had too much to drink?