Monday, April 19, 2010

What a GREAT dad!

As fathers go, my kids are pretty lucky! They are the light of their daddy's life and although he doesn't like to admit it, he's a softy who lets them get away with EVERYTHING!!! I am lucky that he is so hands on and I just want to show everyone else how lucky I am to have him as the father (and stepfather) of my children!!!

Cherry Point had a Daddy/Daughter dance on base! I have to remember not to tell her about things like this too far in advance. She was sooo excited she asked everyday when her date with her daddy was going to be! Look how cute these too are!

Oh but wait! He got he a special necklace for her to wear when she dressed up and looked like a princess. Look how special he made her feel!

Best dad ever!!!

Look at the princess!

One of the Marines in Ski's shop does tattoo's. When Cadence was 3 weeks old we inked her footprints and he got them tattoo'd on her arm. When Chase was about the same age we did the same thing with his hand prints and here Ski is getting them done right under Caders footprints.

Cadence and Chase.
They know how to make a Hardcore Marine melt like butter.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Guess who's one years old!!!

It's hard to believe but little Chase Maddox is One year old!!! Still not walking yet, or talking, but he's crawling everywhere and you've got to really watch out for him! Look at our little cutie...

We are lucky to have such good friends here in North Carolina and they all came out to celebrate with us! 

Ski was the grill master and made sure no one went home hungry! Jacqui was most likely standing there so she could make fun of him!

How cute is this cake!!! I didn't even get to see a picture of it before I ordered it so I was taking a big chance but it turned out so great!!!

Ski is threatening Dave with that's how we treat our guests around these parts! Notice Dave's tiny piece of cake. This is a big change from the pieces he cut for the kids. They were bigger then their heads. His reasoning was that we didn't want left over cake. 

Chase wasn't a big fan of the cake and needed a little nudge in the right direction! The frosting however was a big hit!!! 

Although we did have a few issues with the frosting! 

The kid officially does not need any more toys! We are all set!!!

The Ski's!!!

There is no prouder mommy and daddy then Ski and I!!!

And in honor of Chase's 1st birthday I put together a little video montage of pictures just like I did for Cadence!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

A few days before I took Cadence and Chase to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny Ski took her to the pet store. She fell in LOVE with the rabbits and has been begging to get one. Well when she heard we were going to the Mall to see the Easter Bunny she could hardly contain herself! She was so excited. And I was just as excited to see her little face when they got pictures together. Well, we walked in the mall, she took one look at him and asked

"Who's the guy in the suit?"

Nothing gets past this girl. She was expecting a real rabbit! You can tell by the look on her face that she thinks she's "too cool" for this guy in the suit!

My little Chase and his Easter Basket!

As usual Jacqui was the last to find her basket. And I think I have figured out why this happens. She is too lazy to go look for it. She'll stand in the middle of the room and turn her head from side to side waiting for it to jump out at her...

An Easter Morning picture of all four of my babies!!!

Look at this stud!

Our third annual Easter Morning Cul De Sac Egg hunt!

It was hot so all the parents took a seat and waited for the kids to find all the eggs.

A very rare moment in history for Jacqui and Matt. They sat down together to eat and I about fell over! 

It's not a holiday unless the Cul De Sac gets together for a meal!

Shannon did her hair for her and she thought she was so cool!

As usual it was a great Easter with our military family!