Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's that time of year again!!

It's spring...which in our house means the busiest time of the year. Jacqui is on two softball teams, Matt is on one and Ski on three teams which means he is absolutely no help in running the kids back and forth from one game or practice to the next. If it wasn't for our crock pot, we wouldn't eat very healthy at all! I guess we'll do vegetables again in the summer!

Like I said, Jacqui is on two teams. HJ MacDonalds softball team at school and Babe Ruth Rec softball team. She's pretty serious about it...just look at her face!

This was an awesome slide although she said it hurt so bad! 

Since Chase isn't walking yet I'm pretty fortunate that he'll sit in the stroller during the games and I don't have to chase him all over the place. Next year is going to be a nightmare though. I already need to have 19 different eyes trying to watch Cadence and see Jacqui play.

Cadence is the little mascot and sits in the dugout with all the girls. You can tell how thrilled Jacqui is about this in the picture! 

Here she is on the Babe Ruth team. 

When my mom and sister came out to see me graduate they were also able to go see the kids play ball. Here is a classic I took at the softball tournament we went to in Rocky Mount!

Matt moved up to majors this year. He is on the Clarks church league team. 

Great stop!!!

Nothing gets past him!

Love that smile! He loves playing ball!

As you can see we don't travel lightly!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spending time with Megan and my mom!

Because of my graduation, my mom and Megan were also able to be down here for Matt's birthday and Mothers Day. We kind of killed three birds with one stone. It was a really nice trip and we got some great pics of all of us at the Atlantic Beach and on Mothers Day!

Megan in the ocean!

She wasn't expecting this...

And here are a few from our Mothers Day together! It's been a long time since I've been able to be with both my mom and my kids on mothers day!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My College Graduation

It's been a very long time coming but I finally got my Associate Degree from Craven Community College here in New Bern, NC. Because Ski is the awesome guy that he is, he flew my mom down here so that she could see her daughter walk across the stage and get my degree!

On my way up to get my diploma...

Me and my mom! Her and Ski went in together and got me a mothers ring as a graduation present and they gave it to me the night before so I could have it when I graduated!

It was so hot that day so we got a babysitter for Chase but the rest of the fam was there to see me and support me!

Later that night Ski had a party for me. He even remembered to get me a cake! What a great guy!

Of course Shannon my sister wife was there. Since Anthony is on deployment, this is Ski's second wife!  

My graduation is complete! My mother is playing Beer Pong with 3 Marines!!!

Yeah, I don't know...

Not sure how I got roped into it, but I ended up playing too! Me and Matt beat them!!!!

Thanks for everything Ski! You've been so supportive! All those long nights of homework, and days where you had to take care of things cause I had deadlines I had to get things turned in by! I couldn't have done this without you! I love you!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Matt is 12!

This year for Matt's birthday he decided he wanted to celebrate with his friends. So they all came over after school that Friday and right away they started playing ball!

They are a great group of kids and Matt is lucky to have them as friends!!! 

Instead of a regular cake he decided he wanted Dirt Cake! How could I argue with Dirt cake???

And's not a birthday without pizza!!!

He's been saving up his money since his last birthday and decided to combine it with this years birthday money to get a PS3. He was sick of always trying to compete with Ski to play the one we have in the living room. Now he just has to compete with Chase sleeping!!!

Of course it didn't take long before they retired to his bedroom for the rest of the night to play the game! That was the easiest party I've ever had for one of my kids! 
Happy Birthday Matt! I love you so much! Hope it was a great birthday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a GREAT dad!

As fathers go, my kids are pretty lucky! They are the light of their daddy's life and although he doesn't like to admit it, he's a softy who lets them get away with EVERYTHING!!! I am lucky that he is so hands on and I just want to show everyone else how lucky I am to have him as the father (and stepfather) of my children!!!

Cherry Point had a Daddy/Daughter dance on base! I have to remember not to tell her about things like this too far in advance. She was sooo excited she asked everyday when her date with her daddy was going to be! Look how cute these too are!

Oh but wait! He got he a special necklace for her to wear when she dressed up and looked like a princess. Look how special he made her feel!

Best dad ever!!!

Look at the princess!

One of the Marines in Ski's shop does tattoo's. When Cadence was 3 weeks old we inked her footprints and he got them tattoo'd on her arm. When Chase was about the same age we did the same thing with his hand prints and here Ski is getting them done right under Caders footprints.

Cadence and Chase.
They know how to make a Hardcore Marine melt like butter.