Friday, September 22, 2006

Congratulations Ski!!!!!!!!

For the last two months Ski and I have been waiting for the results of the SSgt board to be released. This last week I think I was more nervous about it then he was. (Checking the messages 10 times a day really isn't that bad is it?) Anyway, it was finally released today and I am happy to announce that my husand, Sgt Wisniewski, has been Selected for Staff Sergeant!!!! (Picture me jumping up and down, hugging him!) He'll most likely get pinned in Dec or Jan!

Congratulations baby!!! That rocker is going to look AWESOME on your arm!!!

11 years ago today!

11 years ago today I graduated from bootcamp! I was only 17 years old and thought I knew it all!!!! (Of course 3 kids, 2 husbands and one honorable discharge later, I still know it all...)

Here is the picture every Marine who has ever graduated bootcamp has of their platoon marching by...

Those glasses are HOT aren't they!!! My sister was only 9 when she put together that smiley face T-shirt and striped shorts outfit. I questioned my mom that day about Megan's fashion sense and she said (all dramatic might I add) "Don't say anything!!! She picked it out especially for today!" Being the caring sister that I am, I took Megan's sensitive feelings into consideration and to this day, I'm still making fun of her.

I was sooo "Hard Corps!"

My Drill Instructor was giving me my "Eagle, Globe, and Anchor"

Here I am with my Drill Instructors in the Squad Bay.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The BEST husband in the world!!!

So the other day me and Ski hung up my "Honorable Discharge" certificate (5 years later) and my bootcamp picture on our "Marine Corps" wall. Today, he came home and handed me a package and said "Here you go...This is just an 'I love you' gift!" When I opened it I almost cried. He had a shadow box put together for me with my rank and my ribbons and badges. He also had them put a special message to me in appreciation of my 6 years of active duty and now my dedication to the Corps as his wife. It was one of the sweetest things he's ever done for me which has earned him TONS of brownie points (and if anyone knows my husband you know his mouth gets him in trouble quicker then he can earn these brownie points!) Thank you baby! It was a wonderful surprise! I love you so much.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Day of School

I don't know when or how this happened but my babies are in 3rd and 4th grade already!!!! I seems like I just walked them to Kindergarten let alone 3rd and 4th grade. Here are a few pictures of their first day of school last week. I'm about a week behind now that my school has started and I'm trying to get used to the full load I'm carrying!
Jacqui and Matt before they left for school!

I captured this very rare moment of Jacqui actually HELPING her brother and so I had to post it to show everyone!

Aunt Megan woke up to get pictures of them before they went to school - she's so hot in the morning!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day weekend!

We had a very nice - very BUSY - Labor Day weekend. On Friday Ski went to Vegas for a Bachelor party. It was just me and Cadence hanging out together. Saturday my sister Megan and her boyfriend Bobby came to town for a visit. That night they bought me dinner at my favorite restaurant Casa Guatalajara. On Sunday, we got up early, I rented a mini van and we headed to LA. The kids were flying into LAX that afternoon so we drove around Hollywood and Beverly Hills before their plane landed. After the kids got here, we then headed to the California Speedway and met Ski for the Nascar race. We got free tickets from the military and they were awesome seats! Cadence got to go to her first Nascar race before she even turned a year old. She was nervous at first but after a couple laps you'd think she'd been going to these kinds of events for years!

My sister Megan and her boyfriend Bobby

The infamous "Hollywood" sign

This is the ladder that Richard Gere climbed to see Julia Roberts at the end of the movie "Pretty Women".

The Wilshire Beverly Hotel - also in Pretty Women!

My babies are HOME!!! I was so excited to see them!

The love's of my life

California Speedway for the Nascar Race.

Daddy with his baby at her first Nascar race.

Love Matt's face here...

Jac was real interested...

We had an awesome weekend even though it was so busy! Hope everyone else had a great weekend too. Oh and I'd also like to congratulate our friend Darlene in South Carolina who got engaged to her boyfriend Clyde this weekend! We are so happy for you!!!!