Sunday, May 09, 2010

Matt is 12!

This year for Matt's birthday he decided he wanted to celebrate with his friends. So they all came over after school that Friday and right away they started playing ball!

They are a great group of kids and Matt is lucky to have them as friends!!! 

Instead of a regular cake he decided he wanted Dirt Cake! How could I argue with Dirt cake???

And's not a birthday without pizza!!!

He's been saving up his money since his last birthday and decided to combine it with this years birthday money to get a PS3. He was sick of always trying to compete with Ski to play the one we have in the living room. Now he just has to compete with Chase sleeping!!!

Of course it didn't take long before they retired to his bedroom for the rest of the night to play the game! That was the easiest party I've ever had for one of my kids! 
Happy Birthday Matt! I love you so much! Hope it was a great birthday!

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