Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's that time of year again!!

It's spring...which in our house means the busiest time of the year. Jacqui is on two softball teams, Matt is on one and Ski on three teams which means he is absolutely no help in running the kids back and forth from one game or practice to the next. If it wasn't for our crock pot, we wouldn't eat very healthy at all! I guess we'll do vegetables again in the summer!

Like I said, Jacqui is on two teams. HJ MacDonalds softball team at school and Babe Ruth Rec softball team. She's pretty serious about it...just look at her face!

This was an awesome slide although she said it hurt so bad! 

Since Chase isn't walking yet I'm pretty fortunate that he'll sit in the stroller during the games and I don't have to chase him all over the place. Next year is going to be a nightmare though. I already need to have 19 different eyes trying to watch Cadence and see Jacqui play.

Cadence is the little mascot and sits in the dugout with all the girls. You can tell how thrilled Jacqui is about this in the picture! 

Here she is on the Babe Ruth team. 

When my mom and sister came out to see me graduate they were also able to go see the kids play ball. Here is a classic I took at the softball tournament we went to in Rocky Mount!

Matt moved up to majors this year. He is on the Clarks church league team. 

Great stop!!!

Nothing gets past him!

Love that smile! He loves playing ball!

As you can see we don't travel lightly!!!

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